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Step-by-Step Method

I help teenagers and adults overcome speech, language and communication problems in order to excel in school, home, work and life with confidence, all from the comfort of your home, ANYWHERE in the world.

You Never thought Communication was so Frustrating

Do you struggle to find the right words after a stroke?

Are you embarrassed that your words are unclear or don't come out the right way?

Are you frustrated that your speech and language skills are affecting your relationships at home?

Do you wonder how you can feel confident communicating with friends and colleagues?

Are you worried about your written language skills and wish you hadn't lost the ability to spell and construct a letter to a friend?

But it Doesn't Have to be Like This...

Hi, I'm Bev Jessup and I really understand how you feel.

I understand that being able to be a confident communicator is something we take for granted until we lose the skills of talking fluently with family and friends, due to a stroke, a brain injury, autism spectrum disorder or a stammer.

You lack the ability to find the right words or you feel annoyed that the words your want to say just don't seem to come out the way you want.

The clients I work with value my eclectic and therapeutic way of working, which draws on my 30 years of experience in schools and clinics; a way that empowers you in your communication in all social situations

Who & How I Help You

Teenage Social Skills Therapy

Having good social skills as a teenager or adult is important because it allows us to interact with others effectively, build and maintain positive relationships, and navigate social situations confidently.

Good social skills involve being able to communicate clearly, listen actively, show empathy, understand social cues, and adapt to different social situations.

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects social interaction and communication.

Individuals with autism may struggle with understanding social cues and nonverbal communication, have difficulty expressing themselves effectively, and have trouble with socializing and making friends.

This can lead to social isolation, loneliness, and a lack of confidence in social situations.

It is important to recognize the impact that autism can have on social skills and provide individuals with autism with the necessary support and resources to improve their social skills and build meaningful connections with others.

Stroke & Brain Injury Therapy

A stroke or brain injury can have a significant impact on an individual's ability to communicate effectively and their confidence in doing so.

Depending on the location and severity of the injury, a person may experience difficulty with speaking, understanding language, or expressing themselves coherently.

This can lead to frustration, anxiety, and social isolation. The individual may struggle to express their needs and wants, leading to a loss of independence and autonomy.

Additionally, the person's communication difficulties may lead to misinterpretation or misunderstandings, causing them to feel embarrassed or self-conscious.

Overall, a stroke or brain injury can significantly impact an individual's ability to communicate & their confidence in doing so.

Clear & Confident Speaking Therapy

Having a lisp or unclear speech can significantly impact an adult or teenager's confidence, communication abilities, and social interactions.

Individuals with a lisp may feel self-conscious about their speech, which can lead to low self-esteem and anxiety.

They may also struggle to be understood by others, which can lead to frustration and difficulty in expressing themselves effectively.

In social situations, having a lisp can lead to embarrassment or feeling excluded from conversations. This can make it challenging to form and maintain relationships with others.

Additionally, individuals with a lisp may face discrimination or bias in certain professional settings, which can limit their career opportunities.

We are Here to Help You

Every Step of the Way

#Step 1:
Book a FREE Consultation

Once I see you online for the free consultation via zoom, I will be able to understand what your needs are and explain how I can help you reach your communication goals.

This consultation will take place on zoom and I will be able to show you the online platform I use to make the therapy fun, engaging and effective


#Step 2:
Working Together to Reach Your Goals

When we work together, we will decide on the frequency and format of the sessions.

This will be governed by your current skills, social aims, and your future communication goals following an assessment.

My approach is multi-modal / sensory and I like to incorporate bespoke elements so that you achieve those targets within your circle of friends and family.

Unlimited Email Support means that it is like having a speech therapist in your pocket.

So you can send an email anytime and any day from anywhere and your speech therapist will respond within 24 hours with an email response.

#Step 3:
Finally Be a Confident Communicator

Imagine being able to sit with your family and friends, taking part in the conversation, feeling relaxed with your verbal contribution in terms of clarity of speech and content of language.

You are feeling confident as you you 'chat' or present yourself in an authentic way.

Therapy with Bev Jessup means that you will be able to stop imagining and start living and celebrating your more confident YOU.

You don't need to Struggle with Your Communication, We can Help You to Have:








Use my 30 Years of Experience to help you Reach Your Commmunication Goals


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